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No. 1 China Restaurant

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About us

At the beginning of the New Year on January 11, 2018, trinity was established, from Shaoxing to New Zealand, from Shaoxing homology association to Shaoxing hall, Shaoxing(No.1 China) restaurant was grandly presented in TAUPO, a sister city. Shaoxing (No.1 China) restaurant in New Zealand is the first Chinese restaurant in Taupo city. It was invested by the vice-chairman of the overseas Chinese federation of Shaoxing city and the chairman of New Zealand's LJ international. New Zealand Shaoxin (No.1 China) restaurant with "Chinese food" as the starting point of propaganda, to "Shaoxing yellow rice wine, the Shaoxing special" as the theme, through shows New Zealand friends Shaoxing (No.1 China) restaurant food and beverage, tea art, specialty snacks such as local characteristics food culture, make the world more profound understanding of Shaoxing, thus further understanding of China, promote the exchange of human society integration and understanding, make people pay more attention to the health of urban development. Zeng said, "I hope to pass on the unique taste of Shaoxing and China to more new Zealanders through the close contact between food and taste buds! "The only quality, the first to strive for the first, New Zealand Shaoxing (No.1 China) restaurant smiles to welcome guests from all over the world, lake, fine taste delicious Shaoxing food!

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