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No. 1 China Restaurant
We're serious about making food!
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Taupo lake food waiting for you

Congresswoman Louise Claire Upston visits the shaoxing hotel

Issuing time:2018-11-29 13:05
Louise Claire Upston MP (née McGill, born 14 March 1971) is a New Zealand politician of the National Party. She has represented the Taupō electorate in the House of Representatives since the 2008 election. In the Fifth National Government, led by Prime Minister Bill English, she was the Minister of Corrections.  
On May 4, 2018,she  said " I had a lovely visit to the No. 1 China Restaurant tBX E today where I met manager Eric Qian, standing next to me,and his team who are serving authentic Chinese cuisine and fantastic green tea from China. Taupo, New Zealand is lucky to have the array of restaurants who keep both the locals and tourists happy and contented with the different food cultures."20181129
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