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Issuing time:2018-12-25 10:22

On November 23, 2018, more than 50 catering companies from 21 countries around the world entered the Chinese cuisine Huangpu Zhejiang Business School to study and improve their cooking skills, exchange Chinese food culture, and discuss and promote "10,000 overseas Chinese restaurants • talk about Chinese good stories". 5.jpg

All members of the workshop learned Chinese food nutrition and health. 24 Qi Qi food therapeutic health course, there are more G20 food design master Zhuqijin and Hangzhou Dahua Hotel executive chef Zhang Yong to guide, the students also went to the Hangbang cuisine museum to learn the development of Hangcai, after a week of baptism finally finished!2.jpg3.jpg
In the morning, the "Overseas Chinese Culture Theory Seminar" and the graduation ceremony were held in Hangzhou Business School.4.jpg
The leaders of the Provincial Overseas Chinese Party Committee Chairman Lian Xiaomin Vice Chairman Zhangweiren, SecretaryGeneral Zhousongyi, Party Secretary Luoguanglin, Principal Zhangbaozhong, and Beijing Oriental Jiahe President Yinjianbo attended the above activities.

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